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Youth Program Overview

What is the Academy Program?

The Academy Program is structured with a professional athletic style system that runs all year round.  MinnesotaTwinStars Academy (TSA) incorporates a “collegiate-style” daily schedule for student-athletes that consist of classroom sports academics coupled with sports training/competition.

The Mission Statement for the Academy:

"Provide the highest standards of Sports education to players and educators (coaches) through a continuous educational methodology from youth to professional level."

At TSA, academic enrichment and athletic skill development represent only a portion of the training that student-athletes receive. We instill the confidence that allows our student-athletes to aspire to anything that their mind can imagine, while providing the tools to help them reach those goals.

The academy will ultimately consist of the following sports disciplines:

  • Soccer – Boys & Girls
  • Futsol – Boys & Girls
  • Basketball – Boys & Girls
  • Volleyball – Girls
  • Lacrosse – Boys & Girls
  • Football – Boys
  • Classroom Training

TSA provides both a challenging and supportive environment that brings out the best in athletes. Through a classroom setting, TSA provides encouragement of creativity and discussion, and one-on-one instruction. The classroom approach provides professional athletic instructions used by professional sports franchises today. Our classes are structured to include the following:

  • History of the Game
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Sociology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Physiology
  • Technical Development
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Technical Concepts
  • Sports Medicine


TSA currently features two sport programs (Soccer and Futsol) as well as Athletic and Personal Development disciplines that facilitate improvement in areas like strength, speed, leadership, nutrition and more. With top coaches, professional-quality facilities, cutting-edge technology and customized training programs, TSA’s vision is that the Academy’s athletes will dominate competition at every level as well as provide its students with an advantage within University Sports Scholarship programs around the United States..

Character Development

We strive to develop student-athletes who are leaders and role models in the community. We encourage extra school activities and roles like Student Government and Clubs, as well as, Community Outreach. TSA encourages responsibility and time management. By ingraining accountability and a strong moral compass, our student-athletes are well-prepared for life’s challenges after graduating from High School and moving into the Higher Education environment.

Academy Affiliations

All Educators/Coaches in the Academy are trained to be an expert in implementing our philosophy. Within the Soccer and Futsal environments we incorporate the methodology of our Brazilian Partner BFUT.

BFUT is an educational institute preparing educators and players to understand the why, when and how of each soccer concept.  BFUT is the only Brazilian educational institution with a methodology from youth to professional level. Through-out the years, Brazil has become the most successful soccer institution in the world with 5 World Championships, its U15, U17, and U20 programs are World Champions, the top International Soccer Clubs are represented by Brazilian Players.

BFUT Instituto Brasileiro de Futebol...

was founded in North America to teach players and coaches the simple, exciting, and winning Brazilian football philosophy, adapted to each individual’s cultural, social and personal needs. The objective is to build a football philosophy by focusing not only on player's ability but also on the individual's personal development.
BFUT has analyzed, corrected, and applied its educational philosophy since 1991 through its methodology.

The BFUT Methodology for players is divided into three departments:

  • The Development Department (U7 to U11- Boys/Girls) through our lesson plans curriculum.
  • The Competitive Department (U12 to U17- Boys/Girls) through our educational tactical software-Futebol Made in Brazil.
  • The High Performance Department (U17 to U23- Men/Women) Final step to prepare players to accomplish their goals as a professional or college player.

The BFUT Methodology for educators is divided into four levels:

  • Level 4 – BFUT Seminar - Introduction level of the Brazilian philosophy, recommended for coaches (educators) from U7 to U13.
  • Level 3 – National Symposium - Intermediate level of the Brazilian philosophy recommended for coaches (educators) from U14 to College level.
  • Level 2 – BFUT International Symposium – Advanced level of the Brazilian philosophy. Offered only in Brazil, recommended for coaches (educators) from U15 to professional level.
  • Level 1 – BFUT Apprenticeship Program – It is the highest educational level at BFUT Institution. It provides the education and the opportunity to work at the Professional or University level.

Since 1991 more than 9,000 educators (coaches) and 42,000 players around the world have been using the BFUT philosophy and methodology. The BFUT portfolio consists of programs for players, coaches (educators) and teams. For each player, coach (educator) or team there is a cycle of education. The cycle of education dictates a vertical integration with an educational progression for each individual.

TSA is the only BFUT-sanctioned Academy within the United States.

Our Soccer Staff is certified by BFUT. With a cycle of education, Coaches are able to benefit in different ways:

  • Progressive Education – Educators evolve accordingly by acquiring BFUT’s Licenses.
  • Certification – The BFUT License program is certified by the Instituto Brasileiro de Futebol, establishing a Brazilian Coaching License.
  • Efficiency – With the application of the BFUT Philosophy through the BFUT Methodology:
    • Our vertical integration is consistent, very educational from U7-U11 (development department) fun – development – FIFA recommendation: U12 to U17 (competitive department) fun – development and success – FIFA recommendation: U18 to U23 (High performance department – professional and college).
    • The Brazilian philosophy has been developed through many years of experience, detailed analyses, and continued evolution.

BFUT applies the Brazilian philosophy through the BFUT methodology

Each age group (category) has its specific educational curriculum. The 12-month program (macrocycle) is subdivided into 4 cycles of 12 weeks (mesocycle). Each week of educational contents is vertically integrated from simple to complex aspects.

Players are analyzed during the first week. After analysis, an individual meeting with the players and parents (guardians) is arranged. In the following 10 weeks, the concepts will be introduced, developed and applied. During the last week of the cycle (week 12), a player assessment will be conducted to measure the progress and necessary recommendations for the next 12-week cycle.

Our programs use unique physical, technical, tactical, and psychological Brazilian football concepts, which have proven to be very effective in powering international players and coaches (educators) with a very unpredictable style of game applying a much faster speed of thought on the field.

We develop athletes and human beings-preparing great leaders on and off the field.