Minnesota TwinStars Academy Financial Contract

The following Information is intended to provide an understanding of the TSA Financial Process. 

Player Tuition:

   1.  Student Tuition is determined by team assignment and level of play. The Tuition covers the following TSA expenses:


State Cup Registration Fee (when applicable)

Outdoor Training Facilities

MYSA Registrations and Fees

Indoor Training Facilities

US Club Soccer Registrations and Fees

Player Passes

MYSA League Fees


MYSA League Fields & Referee Fees

Website Administration

Coaching Education

   2.  All Tuition payments, and conditions, including satisfactory payment of any previously outstanding balance are defined by, and are to be made in accordance with, the terms on the Tuition and Fee Payment Schedule.

   3.  Any Tuition payment received 30 days after its due date will be past due and may result in the player’s registration card being pulled. Any player on a pulled registration card will NOT be permitted to participate in training sessions or play in games until the payments are current and the card is reinstated. 

Player Fees:

  1. Academy Uniforms and Training Gear Fees are separate from the Player Tuition outlined above.
  2. Team fees for tournaments and associated travel are determined by the Head Coach and Team Manager, according to TSA guidelines.
  3. Team purchases of items not required by TSA must have approval from every rostered player/family before the purchase can be made.
  4. Initial Deposit MUST be Paid in Full during the Initial Registration Process or the Student will not be registered with their Team

Parent and/or Guardian Responsibility:

In accordance with the established policies of Minnesota TwinStars Academy and its Board of Directors, the signing parent or legal guardian of the player named on this contract agrees to the following:

  1. By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Player Tuition and Fees, payment schedule, and player eligibility standards related to payments and that you are assuming financial responsibility for the Student Tuition and Fees for the entire playing year.
  2. Refunds will only be considered for extraordinary events defined as relocation of more than 50 miles or the complete folding of a TSA team.
  3. All payment schedules for Student Tuition and Fees must be met unless the Academy Treasurer has approved, in writing, an alternative payment plan or awarded a financial aid sponsorship.
  4. Limited financial aid is available for families who meet TSA’s approved guidelines.  Aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until approved funds are exhausted. Any player wishing to apply for financial aid must return a completed Financial Aid Application and provide all required documentation by September 15, 2017. A copy of player's "2017-2018 Notice of Approval or Denial For Free or Reduced-Price School Meals" is required with your application.
  5. All additional travel expenses not included in the team fees are the sole responsibility of the player and player’s family. Expenses may include, but are not limited to lodging, meals, coaches travel expenses fuel and other vehicle- related expenses, entertainment, coach stipend, etc.

​If you have any questions, please see the Executive Director or a designated member of the Finance Committee.